At LP Racing we can offer discreet, secure car storage that is straightforward and competitively priced for long and short term placements. Our team is made up of passionate engineers and drivers with years of experience in motorsport, so we’re perfectly placed to provide the ideal storage environment for any and all racers and luxury vehicle owners.

We can also provide the transportation of your vehicles to the circuits and we can offer Professional coaching to help you better leverage the use of your vehicles. Our goal is go offer a full service where you can fly to Italy, enjoy and amazing stay we also have partnered with prime luxury stay facilities in order to provide you with the best lodging depending on where you are due to drive.

We have amazing opportunities in Rome and Tuscany.

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Our expertise and services include:

Car Storage ( insurance and CCTV cam and security).

Car Rebuilt.

Car Set up.

Car Transport to the track days and events.

Engineer and mechanical support.

Professional Driver Coaching

LP Racing S.r.l. 
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