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LP Racing Team Building event⚪️🔴Team Building or Team Killing!?🤔#team #teamwork #lprac....
#18 AUDI R8 GT2Fanatec GT2 European Series 2022💥3 pole positions🔥5 podiums🥇2 wins#motor....
CIGT Sprint 2022🔥🔥#motorsport #racing #racinglife #cigt #cigtsprint #gt3 #lamborghini #lam....
WHAT A WEEKEND!!Race 1:🥇P1 Pro-AmRace 2:🥇P1 Pro-Am e 🥈P2 OVERALL!Superbo finale di stag....
CAMPIONI ITALIANI GT3 2022 PRO-AM! 🥇🔥Jonathan Cecotto & Mattia Di GiustoRACE 1: 🥇p1 Pro....

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"At LP Racing we aim to offer a top notch platform that allows our drivers a to grow in terms of performance, career and race stategy management  and knowledge thanks to a team of highly motivated professionals."

Team Record

L Pirri - D Amaduzzi
L Pirri
F Cuneo - N Magnoni
L Pirri - F Cuneo - N Magnoni
F Cuneo - N Magnoni
L Pirri - A Jiatong - B Mardini -S Costantini
G Altoe’ - J Cecotto
A Frassineti - L Marcucci

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